Wednesday, June 25, 2008

here's how it happened

It was about 9:15pm.  I was sitting on the couch watching TV.  My laptop was on the coffee table in front of me.  I had bought this adorable children's book for one of my homework assignments and I thought the illustrations looked like the ones in "Pinkalicious."  So, I grabbed my laptop so I could google the illustrator.  When I glanced at my computer I noticed there were 3 new emails in my inbox.  I don't even think I refreshed....I'm not sure how they showed up.  But there it was.  An email from Hanoi Adoptions and the subject line had Sadie's Vietnamese name followed by I600 Preliminary Approval.  I started to sob.  Not cry - sob.  I opened the email and read, "based on a preliminary determination of orphan status by the US Citizenship and Immigration Service you are now authorized to travel to Vietnam to complete the adoption of ..."  Holy shit!  I reached for the phone, my hands were totally shaking, and called my mom.  She answered the phone and all she could hear was me sobbing.  She panicked and asked what was wrong.  Then I told her that I finally got my approval.  I then ended up on the phone for hours with my mom and other family and friends.  I started freaking out immediately.  I have SO MUCH to do.  My mind was racing.  I ended up sleeping for about an hour and a half last night. 

Both my mom and dad are going to make the trip with me.  What an amazing experience this is going to be.  We can leave as early as Monday but my dad and I both have things to tie up at work so we are hoping to leave on July 5th! 

I found out today that there were 7 approvals for my agency last night and early this morning.  It appears that the Tu Du block has been lifted so the others should come within the next few days.  There are two families with my agency who have been waiting for approval since November.  I so hope their approvals are in the next batch.

Everyone was so amazing at work today.  Some of the Sisters came to my office as soon as they heard.  Actually, the good news spread like wildfire!  It was so great to feel happy and have something to celebrate.

More travel details soon...


AllisonEvan said...

I am doing the happy dance!!
Looks like Evan will have a date every Saturday nite in our playroom with Sadie and Tito's tacos!!!

Andrea said...

What a great story - I started crying right in the middle of reading it! I'm so happy for you. The 5th - WOW!

Pochantas said...

i'm so happy for you. i've been following your blog since i saw your duran duran post.

i've decided not to adopt. i've developed a serious health issue that i need to concentrate on.

good luck!!