Thursday, June 19, 2008

things are not looking good for baby bird

I've made all of my neighbors aware of baby bird and one of them just knocked on my door.  She was coming home from dinner and found baby bird being pulled up the planter in a freaking spider web.  The spider had wrapped it's web around baby bird and was literally pulling her up the planter.  She was hanging with her butt in the air.  I just checked on her a little over an hour ago and she was fine.  I cut the web with a chopstick and my neighbor killed the very large spider.  Circle of life....

Baby bird flapped very little then rolled on her back and now she won't roll back over.  I don't want to touch her but I'm very worried.  This is not good.

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Andrea said...

I'm so sorry. Do you have a wildlife rehabilitator near you? We have taken birds and other animals that are obviously in distress to these people who can do their best to nurse and release them. If you can find a rehab place, give them a call and describe the situation. They can give you advice on picking the bird up to bring to their location. I realize it is nature after all, but it doesn't make it any easier to witness.