Monday, June 2, 2008


Can't a girl catch a break?  I got an email from my agency today.  They sent measurements but apparently there were no pictures of Sadie in the batches they received from the in-country staff.  They've asked them to go back out but who knows when they'll come.  I know I got a picture on Friday from my online friend, but this is what I pay my agency for.  Argh.

Anyway, sounds like my girl is still a peanut.  She is now 17 pounds 9 oz and 28.6 inches.  She's gained 2 1/2 pounds and grown 2 1/2 inches since February. 

Surprise, surprise...I'm still an angry  mess.  I read about another approval today and started crying instantly.  It only took 30 something days and their baby is only 7 months old.  At the rate things are going, Sadie will be twice that by the time she gets to come home. 


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry xo

Andrea said...

That is not fair!

Photos are so important - I hope they are able to go back soon. Thank goodness for our online friends.

I too feel like I cannot catch a break. Maybe we will get our breaks down the road? It makes me feel like an ugly person, but it is so hard seeing others have a smooth process when ours is so hard every single step.

Hang in there...

Barry & Donna said...

Sorry to hear about the pictures. I hope that they will come soon!

Keep the faith...

AllisonEvan said...

I agree with Andrea and please G-d let all these issues be behind you and that you and Sadie will get all the breaks in the future.

Let's see...I hope your breaks come with:

Sleeping thru the night
Potty Training
Avoiding colds and ear infections
Getting into the right school/daycare
Straight Teeth
No Glasses :-)
No sassy talk
Getting into good elementry school
Getting good teachers
Making good loyal friends
Great learning
Ok..let's skip to college
Nice boyfriends
No to drugs/alcohol
Great grades
Always loving her Mommy!

Mama Pajama said...

Yeah, I had to email asking where our pics were b/c nothing had come last Friday.

I'm sorry to that you and our other families are still waiting. It is such a stir of emotion to see others receiving approvals all around.

Hang in there. I still believe that this is going to be over with soon.