Thursday, June 19, 2008

hummingbird 911

Of course this would happen to me....

I got home from work today and looked to the nest to say "hi" to baby bird and she was gone.  What the F?  I looked around, then, on the ground, I saw her.  She was right in front of the pot that the tree is in. 


I watched her for a few minutes and it looks like she hurt her left leg falling from the nest.  She can't walk, just wobbles.  I freaked out.  I didn't know what to do.  Do I put her back in the nest?  Move her out of the walkway?  Leave her alone?  What?  I saw momma hovering, which I thought was a good thing. 

Here's where my obsession truly comes to light.  I remembered seeing a post about hummingbirds on one of my mommy groups a few weeks ago.  I ran inside and turned on the computer.  I found the post which lead me to a local vet's office.  I called.  (Yes I know I'm out of control.)  The woman who answered was really nice.  Basically she told me not to touch baby bird no matter what.  She said that once she was marked with my scent, momma would reject her.  Oy.  She said not to get too attached.  Um...too late.  She said this is how nature works.  This is how they learn to fly.  I told her that momma was hovering and she said as long as momma was there, she'd be fine.  At this point, I'm crying on the phone.  (Crazy, I know!)  I told her I was afraid someone would step on her.  She said not to put anything around her, but that it would be OK to put a sign for my neighbors.  So next thing I know I'm making a sign on fluorescent orange paper that says: Watch your step.  Do not touch this baby bird.  The vet said it must not be touched.  I taped the sign to the ground right near baby and came inside.

Of course, it's not over yet.  You see, I have a big sliding glass door right where the tree is so I can watch everything that is happening from inside.  Momma keeps flying down to baby bird and feeding and grooming her.  Then she knocks her over onto her back.  Baby bird flails her legs and flaps her wings and then manages to roll back upright.  This is PAINFUL to watch.  Momma is very aware that I am watching.  Here comes more crazy...I'm lying on the floor, peeking out the window, taking video.  Here's a little interaction I caught on tape (gotta love the Flip video).  I had to take the first half through a sheer curtain because momma saw me and kept flying away.  But the last few seconds, are a lot clearer.  Oh, one more thing.....notice the soundtrack by Bailey.  She thought it was great that I was lying on the floor so she laid right down and started purring. 

I hope baby bird makes it through the night.  I'll be crushed if this doesn't end well.

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