Sunday, June 1, 2008

my standing girl

My agency told us that we would finally be receiving updated photos and measurements on Friday, but I didn't get anything.  I've had no update on her weight and height since February.  Yet another disappointment. 

I did, however, receive a wonderful surprise  Friday morning.  Someone I met online (gotta love the Internet!) is currently in Ho Chi Minh City picking up her son at Sadie's orphanage.  She offered to take pictures of Sadie, if the staff allowed it.  Well, on Wednesday, she picked up her adorable Anthony and on Friday she returned to the orphanage to take pictures of some of the other waiting children.  She sent me one adorable photo and told me that she would send more when she got home.

sadie cropped 5.30.08

Sadie, though still not smiling, looks so much better in this picture than she did in the last ones I received.  How cute is that outfit?  It seems the little miss is standing all on her own and is quite stable on her feet.  Could she be walking already?  Oy.  She was a little frightened of A and her husband, so A moved slow and gentle with her.  She sat her on her lap and talked with her.  She gave her hugs and told her that her mommy loves her.  I am so grateful to A for taking the time to do this for me.  It is also nice to hear about Sadie's development and personality.  I just don't get that information from my agency. 

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